Docent Informations
What does "docent" mean?
We are a young group. The pioneers started the group in April 1997. Since then, we have grown modestly to 93 docents. The Night Safari Volunteer Rangers were brought under the Docent Programme in March 1999.
The docents are self-run by a committee of docents which co-ordinates inputs from all docents and liaises with the zoo management to put into motion the group's activities.
A docent newsletter is issued every two months so docents can keep up with the latest in zoo happenings and docent activities. Sprinkled with inspiring stories and amusing anecdotes, the Docent Deliberations is always a great read! We also constantly undertake research projects to expand and update our knowledge as well as explore new areas of interest.
Singapore Zoological Gardens Docents

Primates in General

What makes a primate? Where and how to they live?

Lower Primates or Prosimians
Why primitive? How do prosimians differ from other primates?

Higher Primates or Anthropoids
How are they different from prosimians?
New World monkeys: What's a prehensile tail?
Old World monkeys: What are cheek pouches?


The Homonoids/Apes
How are apes different from monkeys?


Status of and threats to primates


Suborder Prosimii (Prosimians or Lower Primates)

Infraorder Lemuriformes
Family Lemuridae
Genus Eulemur (Lemurs)
Genus Lemur (Ring-tailed Lemur)
L. catta (Ring-tailed Lemur)
Genus Hapalemur (Gentle Lemur)
Genus Varecia (Ruffed Lemur)
V. variegata (Black & White Ruffed Lemur)

Family Megaladapidae
Genus Lepilemur (Sportive/Weasel Lemur)
Genus Megaladapis (Koala Lemur)

Family Indriidae
Genus Indri (Indri)
Genus Avahi (Avahi/Woolly Lemur)
Genus Propithecus (Sifaka)

Infraorder Daubentoniiformes
Family Daubentoniidae
Genus Daubentonia (Aye Aye)

Infraorder Lorisiformes
Family Lorisidae (Loris, potto and galagos)

Pottos in general
Genus Arctocebus (Golden Potto/Angwantibo)
Genus Perodicticus (Potto)

Galagos/bushbabies in general
Genus Euoticus (Needle-clawed bushbaby)
Genus Galago (Galagos/Bushbaby)
Genus Otolemur (Greater Bushbaby)
Genus Galagoides (Dwarf Galagos)

Slow loris, Slender Loris in general
Genus Loris (Slender Loris)
Genus Nycticebus (Slow Loris)

Family Cheirogaleidae (Dwarf Lemurs and Mouse lemurs)
Genus Microcebus (Mouse lemur)
Genus Mirza (Coquerel's Dwarf lemur)
Genus Cheirogaleus (Dwarf lemur)
C. medius (Fat-tailed Dwarf Lemur)
Genus Allocebus (Hairy-eared Dwarf lemur)
Genus Phaner (Fork-marked Mouse lemur)

Infraorder Tarsii
Family Tarsiidae
Genus Tarsius (Tarsiers)

Suborder Anthropoidea
(Anthropoids or Higher primates)

Infraorder Platyrrhini (New World Monkeys)

Superfamily Ceboidea
Family Callitrichidae (Marmosets and tamarins)
Genus Saguinus (Tamarins)
S. oedipus (Cotton-top Marmoset)
S. imperator (Emperor Tamarin)
Genus Leontopithecus (Lion Tamarins)
L. rosalia (Golden Lion Tamarin)
Genus Callithrix (Titi)
C. jacchus (Common Marmoset)
Genus Cebuella (Pygmy Marmoset)

Family Callimiconidae
Genus Callimico
C. geoldii (Geoldi's Monkey)

Family Cebidae (Cebids)
Subfamily Saimirinae
Genus Saimiri (Squirrel Monkey)
Subfamily Aotinae
Genus Aotus (Douroucoulis or Night Monkey)
Subfamily Callicebinae
Genus Callicebus (Titi Monkey)
Subfamily Alouattinae
Genus Alouatta (Howler Monkey)
Subfamily Pithecinae
Genus Pithecia (Saki)
Genus Chiropotes (Bearded saki)
Genus Cacajao (Uakari)
Subfamily Cebinae
Genus Cebus (Capuchins or ring-tailed monkey)
C. apella (Tuft-capped Capuchins)
Subfamily Atelinae
Genus Lagothrix (Woolly Monkey)
Genus Ateles (Spider Monkey)
A. paniscus (Black Spider Monkey)
Genus Barchyteles (Woolly Spider Monkey)
Infraorder Catarrhini (Old World Monkeys, apes and humans)


Superfamily Cercopithecoidae
Family Cercopithecidae: Cheek-pouched monkeys (cercopithecids)
About cercopithecids in general and the Talapoin and Allen's Monkey

Subfamily Cercopithecinae
Genus Miopithecus (Talapoin)
Genus Cercopithecus (Guenons)
About specific guenons
Genus Erythrocebus
E. patas (Patas Monkey)
Genus Allenopithecus (Allen's Monkey)
Genus Cercocebus (Mangabey)
Genus Macaca (Macaques)
M. fasicularis (Long-tailed/crab-eating macaque)
M. fuscata (Japanese macaque/Snow monkey)
M. mulatta (Rhesus macaque).
M. silenus (Lion-tailed macaque)
M. sylvanus (Barbary macaque)
M. nemestrina (Pig-tailed macaque)
M. nigra (Sulawesi/Celebes crested macaque)

Subfamily Cynopithecinae
Genus Papio (Baboon)
P. hamadryas (Hamadryas baboon)
P. anubis (Olive baboon)
P. papio (Western baboon)
P. cynocephalus (Yellow baboon)
Genus Mandrillus (Mandrill and drill)
Genus Theropithecus (Gelada)

Subfamily Colobinae (Colobines)
Asian langurs and leaf monkeys
Genus Presbytis (Langur/Leaf Monkey)
Genus Semnopithecus (Hanuman Langur)
Genus Trachypithecus (Brow-ridged Langur)
Genus Rhinopithecus (Snub-nosed Langur)
Genus Pygathrix (Douc Langur)
Genus Nasalis (Proboscis Monkey)
Genus Simias (Pig-tailed Langur)

African colobus
Genus Colobus (Black and White Colobus)
Genus Piliocolobus (Red Colobus)
Genus Procolobus (Olive Colobus)


Superfamily Homidoidea
Lesser Apes
Family Hylobatidae
Genus Hylobates (gibbons and siamang)

Great Apes
Family Pongidae
Genus Pongo (Orang-utan)
Genus Gorilla (Gorilla)
Genus Pan (Chimpanzees and bonobos)

Family Hominidae

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