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Kaukasian Dogs

On the basis of records you can certainly say that there is this breed of dog for about 600 years. This incredibly strong and powerful animals originate from the Caucasus in the Soviet Union. There are very strong working dog. Bred and were used by shepherds and they are exclusively used in the most vigorous and resistant animals for breeding. This selection should be, since these dogs to defend the flock, not only against human and animal predators had, but also had to endure the harsh climate.

"There are still the South Russian Shepherd Dog, Central Asian Shepherd dog and the Caucasian steppes Shepherd." One can roughly be divided into even the Caucasian mountains and Steppenkaukase. The Bergkaukase is usually more compact / powerful (Burrak) and the Steppenkaukase legged and narrow (Aunja). As these two were mixed strongly for decades, a distinction is difficult and is not made anymore.
There is the South Russian, the Central Asian and the Caucasian Ovtcharka. Ovcharka Shepherd translated means, however, he has nothing in common with the German shepherd. The Owtscharkas dogs are shepherds and are often confused with herding dogs. These drive the cattle together, however, and the shepherd dogs guarding them.

He is and will be really scary and is a companion dog is anything but suitable. It is difficult to educate and, if any, with love and strength and consistency. Mostly, however, he ignored the wishes of his owner completely.

But he loves his dominions over all and protects them best efforts. Only with the obedience he has his difficulties.

Most breeders say though that can be a Caucasian teach anything, but this is wrong! If the farmer can not swim, the swimwear is to blame
Most clubs educate their shepherd dogs with hardness and Drill. We arrive at a flock guard dog no further! Regardless of that the other dogs there to feel the place is not good. If you do it right (humanely), then one can obtain from a Ovtcharka as good education, as well as other breeds. However, they remain suspicious of strangers and protect its own kingdom. If he "wishes of its holder" is ignored, then one has a hierarchy problem and that is very dangerous! Therefore, we strongly advise to go to a dog, if you will have a Caucasian, then you learn how the Caucasian is a child of a family member.

Since this dog is an absolute nature boy should be called "wimps" and "wimps buy" not such an animal. To put it on one point: a Caucasian expose you to anywhere, it will come in their language. He can do some off, it is hard to take in and not at all sophisticated. His coat is as thick as his skin and so he is well protected from the bite wounds. Other foreign animals and humans to it is malicious and suspicious. And he should, which in Germany (except perhaps the Lausitz) is difficult to even have to fight a wolf, he will emerge victorious. Otherwise, there would be no herd in the Caucasus more.

Walking (ie going for a walk is) no strength this dog, although he always does as if it would please him. It takes more than strong nerves to get married with him on the street. Strangers he is, as I said, suspicious. Therefore it no one these animals simply allow time to pet so much less without the supervision of the handler. If it is a male, it is possible that he other male counterparts do not like and that also clearly expresses. No ifs and buts. Unneutered male dogs are often competing with each other. However, if they are accustomed to small, groups of dogs of different sexes, then it works quite well. Most males have the problems that are not disordered clean!

If one assumes this is a must protect the dog, then it is the wrong attitude. If I want to be the boss of such a dog, then I say, protect them and where to go. If the boss is not there, then the dog may defend his kingdom, but when I go out, then give the dog must return alone! If there really are times stress that master or mistress should be attacked, then he helps out of instinct!
However, he also has many strengths. If one a Caucasian in the front yard of his house, you can be 100 percent sure that nobody enters the strange house or the land. You can leave the doors are open and perhaps children should be there to protect him, then he is for the children, although he is so gruff, the favorite playmate and companion, he never would bend cherished a hair, but potential attackers or Burglars should not be trusted again plot.

These dogs were never in the past treated tenderly and are used daily to take hardships, perhaps for too long distances to lay back. Therefore, the city is not a suitable place to keep such an animal would. Condition is the house and grounds. There he will wander around and watch it, that's just so fenced his way only, as high and stable, the property should be, otherwise the Caucasian expands his territory from simple and easily collected the neighbor's garden, etc.

Food and more:
These dogs are not hungry in the adult age. They are rather picky eaters and bad. Greedy dogs which are: Retriever, Beagle, and Newfoundland. Thus, the Caucasus is not. He also treats a haunted times out, or eat anything two days ... Actually, he is also in adulthood, with approximately 1 kg of feed daily.

Optimal size for males: 75-78 cm (minimum height = 65 cm) Weight between 55 - 80 kg
Optimal size for females: 68-72 cm (minimum height = 62 cm) Weight between 45 - 60 kg

The average life expectancy is about 12 years. please have al look to our german website: - Die Hunde Seite

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