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What does "docent" mean?
We are a young group. The pioneers started the group in April 1997. Since then, we have grown modestly to 93 docents. The Night Safari Volunteer Rangers were brought under the Docent Programme in March 1999.
The docents are self-run by a committee of docents which co-ordinates inputs from all docents and liaises with the zoo management to put into motion the group's activities.
A docent newsletter is issued every two months so docents can keep up with the latest in zoo happenings and docent activities. Sprinkled with inspiring stories and amusing anecdotes, the Docent Deliberations is always a great read! We also constantly undertake research projects to expand and update our knowledge as well as explore new areas of interest.
Singapore Zoological Gardens Docents
Docent Stages: African Adventure Station

African Adventure Station

Stalk over to this station where unusual animal specimens will unlock the sensational secrets of prey and predators roaming the amazing African Plains. Tangle with horns and antlers, dabble with dung samples and take the time to stroke some animal skins, from the pristine pelt of a pronking springbok to a fine-haired hippo’s hide. Through our fine collection of skulls, learn about the leopard’s stealth, lion’s might and cheetah’s ability to reach super speeds.

Seek us out at the
Cheetah Enclosure, Wild Africa
Every Sunday, 2.30 – 4.00pm

Established in 1997, African Adventure (AA) group started out conducted their tours only on Sundays. The AA docents took visitors for a walk through Wild Africa, sharing with them information about adaptation behaviour, conservation issues and fun facts about the animals on the African plains.

In early February 1998, the AA tours were stopped and replaced with discovery stations, which displayed am array of specimens such as skulls, skins, teeth and horns. The display stations at the Wild Africa became a popular draw as visitors crowded round to view and touch the various animal specimens, which were carefully chosen to highlight the fascinating features of animals.

November 1998, the AA docents also launched a new tour, interestingly named Zoo Inside and Insights (ZII). As the name suggests, this tour brings visitors to places that are normally out of bounds to them, namely the kitchen and veterinary centre. Rounding up with a walk to the enclosures in Wild Africa, it gives visitors an illuminating perspective of how the zoo ensures its animals are healthy and happy. Today, the tour to the kitchen and veterinary centre has ceased but the AA docents have revamped and focused the tour on the enclosures in Wild Africa.

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