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What does "docent" mean?
We are a young group. The pioneers started the group in April 1997. Since then, we have grown modestly to 93 docents. The Night Safari Volunteer Rangers were brought under the Docent Programme in March 1999.
The docents are self-run by a committee of docents which co-ordinates inputs from all docents and liaises with the zoo management to put into motion the group's activities.
A docent newsletter is issued every two months so docents can keep up with the latest in zoo happenings and docent activities. Sprinkled with inspiring stories and amusing anecdotes, the Docent Deliberations is always a great read! We also constantly undertake research projects to expand and update our knowledge as well as explore new areas of interest.
Singapore Zoological Gardens Docents
In Seven Heaven
Story by Mariati (ID Station)

SEVEN was the theme. It coincided with the seventh anniversary of the SZG Docents and also the number of the stations — Tame & Touchable, Fragile Forest, In Danger, Reptile Realm, Primarily Primates, African Adventure and Night Safari.

SEVEN is also the number of colours in a rainbow. To reflect this, the bash had seven clusters of tables, in the various hues of the rainbow, with the VIP table decorated with all seven shades.

The Forest Lodge, scene of the party, sported a psychedelic decor and ambience, coupled with seventies disco retro music blaring in the background! Strict instructions for the dress code: no black nor white, only colours!!

Prior to the party, endless meetings had been held by the organising stations, TT and ID to create an event that would be unforgettable. The E-invite (with bash logo) was tastefully designed by the creative Christina, and the sparkling door gifts — glassy animal stirrers — were sourced by Jean in Taiwan. The heads of ID and TT, Yee Yee and Shinwe, gamely played the effervescent emcees of the evening.

On the morning of the party, committee members and many docents came to help decorate Forest Lodge. All of them divided their tasks and raced to finish decorating before the guests arrived. Everyone was exhausted in the end, but had a fun time.

Billowing balloons and shimmery ribbons laced the room. Thank goodness the balloon pump came to the rescue, the manual balloon blowers tired mouths and lungs were replaced with aching arm muscles. In between, the sound of bursting rubber (for the enthusiastic blowers who wanted to see how big their balloons could get) punctuated the air, adding to the carnival atmosphere that pervaded.

The concept of mingling and rebonding ties was found in the icebreakers and games. Guests had to pick a colour strip from a box to see which table they were assigned to, to encourage interaction among station members.

The room came alive when the mummy challenge was issued, and every table rallied together to showcase their chosen mummy in the most creative way possible. There were some who unfortunately didn’t quite make the cut (with copious amounts of flesh still on display!).

Sportingly, ID and TT also put up some dance numbers, with the lovely Gemmie as choreographer, to spice up the spots between speeches by chairman Tyrone and then general curator Ken Gold. The party culminated in a 15 minute skit performed by the newly graduated 11th batch, revolved around the theme SEVEN, with James Bond (007) and the Bond girls. There was a heartstopping moment when the stage almost caught fire during one of the scenes, but luckily a quick-reflexed Francis, our dependable Zoo Management Rep, saved the day with a splash of water.

Our proudest moment was when each of us in the latest batch went up on stage to receive our polo tees, badges and certificates, with Mr Ken Gold congratulating us. As the party drew to a heady close, strips of brilliantly coloured paper rained down on excited, writhing bodies on the dance floor. Everyone had been given a confetti-filled cylinder that they’d been instructed to shake, and shake it they did!

It must have been the best docent party to date!

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