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What does "docent" mean?
We are a young group. The pioneers started the group in April 1997. Since then, we have grown modestly to 93 docents. The Night Safari Volunteer Rangers were brought under the Docent Programme in March 1999.
The docents are self-run by a committee of docents which co-ordinates inputs from all docents and liaises with the zoo management to put into motion the group's activities.
A docent newsletter is issued every two months so docents can keep up with the latest in zoo happenings and docent activities. Sprinkled with inspiring stories and amusing anecdotes, the Docent Deliberations is always a great read! We also constantly undertake research projects to expand and update our knowledge as well as explore new areas of interest.
Singapore Zoological Gardens Docents
Docent Recruitment
Doceo: (Latin) to teach

Who Should Apply??

If you are enthusiastic about conservation and volunteerism, consider joining us as a SZG Docent.

Commitment is the key word to use in describing the SZG volunteer Docent. All Docents must read up on animals and conservation, develop interactive skills in engaging with school children and adults, and be able to commit to at least 1 year of volunteer service after completion of training.

Applicants are expected to meet the following criteria:

* Interest in animals
* Communicate well with people
* Work closely with others as members of a team
* Commit at least 1 year of service after training
* Willing and able to commit time to reading and research

Application Form

Should you decide to apply for the SZG Docent program, we invite you to complete the application form and email it to the Recruitment team at

* Application Form Word
* Indemnity Form Word
* Read the SZG Docent Constitution
* Read the SZG Docent Bylaws

Recruitment Talks

Recruitment Talk at Library Acceptance to this program is highly competitive. If you are considered a final applicant, an interview with the Docents will be scheduled.

In advance of your interview, we ask that you attend a recruitment talk by current Docents and staff. Attendance at the session is not mandatory to apply to the program but is recommended as it will give you an opportunity to speak with Docents and ask questions.

Training Program

Selected applicants will have to attend a mandatory 12-week intensive training program, held every Sunday between 9am to 5pm. Consisting of both classroom and outdoor sessions, the training will be in the form of tours, games and talks - all kindly brought to you by volunteer Docents and SZG staff.

A set of basic notes will be provided. Trainees are expected to read widely and do a lot of self-study during the week in order to get the most out of the Sunday trainings. There will also be hands-on experience in working with a zookeeper and being attached to the docent stations. In order to graduate as a Docent, the following requirements have to be fulfilled:

* 100% attendance for all training sessions is essential
* Pass a practical assessment
* Pass a written paper
* Participate in a keeper attachment programme
* Participate in a group project presentation, including a group write-up

Docents are required to pledge their services for a minimum period of one year.

Docents at the Singapore Zoo perform their duties once a month either on Saturday or Sunday. Docents at the Night Safari do their duties twice a month, any day from Friday to Sunday.


Please direct all recruitment enquiries to the Docent Recruitment Team at

Further informations in german can be found here!

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